Community programmes


Building provision

Spare buildings on the farms, for which we provide a service, are converted into ECD Centres or After School Clubs. Where there are no available buildings, Pebbles raises funds to provide a wooden structure or prefab facility.

Building renovation

Hardworking teams of volunteers help us to scrub, sand, paint and decorate buildings to provide clean, bright classrooms for our children. If you are eager to help with a renovation or would like to fund a team of workmen and women, see our Volunteer page.

Enterprise development

The wellbeing of parents and other adults in the farming communities in which we operate is central to the development of our children. We believe in creating opportunities for additional income generation and for adults to start their own businesses. After an intensive application process, participants on our enterprise development programme complete a 12-month course. This enables them to become independent business owners.

Animal welfare

While looking after farm animals is not a main focus area at Pebbles, we recognise that uncared for pets can spread disease and cause illness in the children. We actively partner with an animal welfare organisation to dip, spray and treat the animals that are part of the farm communities we serve.

Weekend activities

In order to create opportunities for families to have fun, quality time together we provide a host of weekend activities. These include sport competitions, dance contests, camping trips and various workshops.

Product making and selling

Adults in our farming communities are involved in a branch of our enterprise development programme where they make products to earn extra income. Participants also have the opportunity to learn new creative skills. To find out more or to place an order, please click here 

Parent workshops

We conduct regular workshops to educate and equip parents on a range of topics such as parenting skills, money management, substance abuse, health and wellness.

Outdoor play areas

Outdoor play is important for a child’s physical development to strengthen their growing muscles and for sensory and social development. We are working towards providing all of our learning facilities with secure and stimulating outdoor play areas.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) programme

FASD is a reality in many farm worker communities, particularly in the Western Cape. Since our inception we strive to support the children in these communities who are affected by FASD. In addition to our special needs education programme, we run FASD awareness workshops for women of childbearing age and teenagers, to try and reduce the number of children born with FASD.

Programme dreams / goals

Fruit and vegetable gardens

Building on our nutrition programme we want to initiate fruit and vegetable gardens on the farms. These will supply the ECD Centres and After School Clubs with fresh produce for nutritious meals for our children.

Water and sanitation

Pebbles is committed to ensuring that communities on the farms we support have access to clean drinking water, and adequate, hygienic sanitation facilities.

Recycling projects

Cleaner communities mean greater pride and improved overall health and wellbeing for the children, parents and farm workers who live there.