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Education programmes



The Baby Box Programme

This initiative focusses on supporting pregnant women throughout their pregnancy until the birth of their child. The programme provides mothers-to-be with important information about their pregnancy and childbirth, to ensure the wellness of both mother and baby. At the end of the pregnancy, the mother receives a baby box that contains essential items needed by the mother and child during, the first few weeks of the babies’ life.

First Thousand Days (FTD) Programme

The first thousand days of a child’s life comprises a period of rapid development. We take advantage of this window period by providing our little ones with daily stimulation programmes to provide opportunity for development within this phase of their lives.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) Programme

Our carefully constructed curriculum for children between the ages of 0 – 6 includes all the necessary resources, equipment, parent support and educational support.

After School Club (ASC) Programme

Our After School Club programme provides support to school-going children between the ages of 7 – 18. When they return home after school to the farm on which they live we provide homework supervision, academic support and an opportunity to participate in fun and exciting extra mural activities. These include drama, art, sport and dance. This programme also helps parents who need to balance work and other family commitments.

Pebbles Academy Hermanus

The Pebbles Academy is a registered independent education site that provides education to learners from Grade R to Grade 9. The Pebbles Academy has partnered with Optimi to provide our learners with quality education aligned to the requirements of the Department of Education. The full day programme includes nutritious meals, extra mural activities and extra educational support.

School Leaver Programme

Mid-teen years is a tricky period in any child’s life. School subject and career choices, application processes and further education opportunities can be overwhelming. We work with our children to help them to make informed, self-aware educational and career choices.

Additional Educational Programmes

Staff Training Programme

Many of our facility staff come from the farms on which our children live. All Pebbles ECD centres and ASC staff are carefully selected and attend monthly training sessions. These sessions include curriculum guidance, the introduction of new techniques and the provision of educational resources.

ECD Supplementary Programmes

Mobile Toy Library

Many of our children do not have educational or recreational toys of their own at home. Through our colourful mobile mini bus toy library, our children are able to borrow a toy on a fortnightly basis.

ECD Special Needs Programme

Our ECD Special Needs Programme provides stimulation programmes, therapeutic support and intervention to children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years.

Educational Outings

By taking our children on educational trips, Pebbles opens up a world of new environments, experiences, interests and possibilities for them.

ASC Supplementary Programmes

Mobile Book / DVD library

Children develop literacy skills through books. Our mobile library means accessibility to books for children who previously had none. It also encourages family togetherness and entertainment through a selection of DVDs and games.

Maths And Literacy Programme

We started the mathematics and literacy support programmes in 2014 to assist our after school club learners with these important subjects. Our team of 5 staff follow specific programmes designed to grow knowledge and understanding in maths and literacy, in a way that complements the school curriculum. We monitor progress through continuous assessment and we evaluate achievement through school results.

Mobile Computer Learning Programme

Computer literacy is essential to survive and thrive in a digital world. Through our mobile computer programme, children learn practical and technical skills that allow them to complete school assignments and generally become more familiar with a digital environment.

Youth Leadership Centre

Our dream is to build a leadership centre to provide the ideal multi-purpose facility for all our after school club programmes and services. Older farm children will have a stimulating space in which to access information, make informed career and life choices, and learn leadership skills.

Dedicated Special Needs Centre

A core aspect of the work we do at Pebbles is the provision of special needs support to children with barriers to learning or specific learning disabilities. A dedicated school would mean a nurturing educational environment were these children would get the learning support they so desperately need. Plus, they will have access to a range of other activities to help their development.

Individual Child Mentorship

An effective mentorship match programme means that each child will spend quality time with a role model. In some instances, a mentor is the first person to take a real interest in the child’s aspirations. Mentors will offer one-on-one advice and help the child to discover their dreams and to reach their full potential.

development center (Hemel en Aarde Valley)

  • The HEAEP skills development is targeted for the youth and young adults of the Hemel en Aarde Valley. The purpose of the center is to provide workshops in a range of areas, such as work ethics, arts and crafts, computer literacy, entrepreneurial and basic business management skills, and promote sustainable income opportunities.
  • The skills development center building will also utilize the knowledge of skilled teachers, local artisans, business owners, and volunteers from the Overberg area.