Health programmes


Health clinic

Sick children cannot learn, so Pebbles partnered with the Cipla Foundation who sponsored an ultra-modern modular Owethu Clinic. This incredible facility provides a full range of critical wellness and health services. Our children are cared for free of charge. Parents and other farm workers can register to access health services at the clinic for a small monthly fee.

Wellness programme

Pebbles is on a drive to add to an already impressive list of health services currently offered to children, parents and farm workers at the Owethu Clinic. Our wellness programme focuses on a preventative approach to health. This includes balanced nutrition, family planning, HIV and Aids and substance abuse. In the face of the current worldwide obesity problem and associated health risks, we have a weight loss challenge. People are also free to come and ask questions about any health related concerns. 

Pregnant mothers programme

From the earliest stage possible we provide social support, and fetal and infant advice to pregnant mothers. This includes baby and mother health, pregnancy nutrition, and infant stimulation for early childhood development. In partnership with the Department of Health and our Owethu Clinic facility, we also offer baby immunisation.