Health Programme


Primary Health Care Programme

We believe in accessibility and availability of quality health services. We assess and treat acute sick children and adults, through a physical examination and dispensing of medication. We administer family planning, deworming and Vitamin A. 

Wellness Programme

We promote a preventative approach to health. We screen for life style diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, HIV/AIDS, TB, cervical cancer and assist with weight challenges. We provide professional health information, talks and events for an individual and groups. Our sexual workshop is specifically designed for teenagers, equipping them with information to make informed decisions about their health and sexuality.

Dental Health Programme

The absence of dental health care in rural farm communities is a well-known fact. The clinic implements a brushing programme in our ECD and ASC facilities. Our friendly Oral Hygienist provides dental treatments for children and adults. Our beneficiaries have access to a dentist for extractions and restorations.

Pregnant Mothers Programme

From the earliest stage possible we provide social support, and fetal and infant advice to pregnant mothers. This includes baby and mother health, pregnancy nutrition, and infant stimulation for early childhood development. In partnership with the Department of Health and our Owethu Clinic facility, we also offer baby immunisation.