1-2-1 Nurturing Happy Balanced Lives
1-5 Enable a child enrich a community
1-6 Developing Young Minds
Children need caring 1-7-2
1-9 Change a childs future
1-8 Children are the most powerful resource
1-1 Protecting Our Youth
1-3 Healthy Child Happy Child
1-4 Growing beyond poverty


Hospitality Fundraising Initiative

If you are a restaurant, hotel/lodge or tasting room manager and would like to support the Pebbles Project, we have a special hospitality fundraising initiative. It’s easy to implement and provides you and your patrons with an opportunity to make an optional donation. You sign up with us and we provide you with a fundraising kit that includes a Pebbles Project branded donations box, branded donations envelope and Pebbles brochures explaining what we are all about. Charmaine, our Fundraising & PR Manager, will happily provide guidance as to how the kit can be used. To sign up to get your kit or to find out more click here