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Jo Clifton Legacy

About Jo

Jo was born in Romsey, England on 24 June 1964. After achieving school A-levels in English and Art, she went on to qualify in Fine Art at art and design Colleges in West Surrey. She then obtained her BA (Hons.) Fine Art from Exeter University in 1986. Jo moved to Bristol in the South West of England and, while working as an artist developed an interest in the natural world, particularly environmental conservation, which was to become her abiding passion. Jo worked in this field with various charities and was an inspirational teacher and volunteer motivator. She travelled widely and during a round-the-world trip, arrived in South Africa, where she encountered and fell in love with the children that were so full of life and fun.  

Jo Clifton award

It was her zest for life that made her early death on 1 August 2005 especially poignant. Her parents decided to make an annual donation to Pebbles in her memory. Jo would be proud to know that her name is associated with an annual award for achievement associated with South African children with special learning needs.

Each year at the Pebbles Christmas party the prestigious Jo Clifton award is presented to three staff members. One recipient is selected from the staff that looks after the babies in the ECD centres, the second is also an ECD staff member and the third is an ASC staff member. In order to be considered, staff must demonstrate an exemplary commitment to the children in their care and their overall performance is evaluation. In addition they need to have achieved the goals they set out for themselves at the beginning of the year. Receiving this award is a tremendous honour.

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