Protection programmes


Social work

Working with our children means working with the whole family. Our social workers engage with individuals and families on issues of neglect, abuse, family disharmony and substance abuse.

Substance abuse

Substance abuse is a grave concern in some farming communities. In addition, access to treatment in rural environments is even more difficult than in urban centres. So we developed a substance abuse programme to support adults and youth on farms through awareness, prevention and early intervention activities.

Programme dreams / goals

Alcohol Anonymous (AA) meetings

Sustainable support is critical for people struggling with or recovering from alcohol and substance abuse. Regular AA meetings will provide the necessary support for recovery and encouragement for continued sobriety.

Safe house

In order to care for the most vulnerable children, Pebbles has a dream to provide a safe house. We aim to offer an emergency shelter for parents and children to receive the protection and support they need in times of crisis.

“As a Social Worker you need to be committed to educating and motivating people. There is no magic formula that can bring about change in a person’s life. Change requires hard work and perseverance. Sometimes the clients I am dealing with do not want to change and this needs to be respected. If a child is being harmed then I always make sure an intervention strategy is in place to make sure that the child is protected.”

Mineke Toerien, social worker, Pebbles Project