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Sponsor a school pack

For many parents the cost of sending their children to school is an enormous financial burden. Some children do not attend school, because they do not have the necessary stationery or the uniform that they require. You can help by sponsoring a school pack, which contains school essentials such as a school bag, school uniform, shoes, socks and a basic stationery set.


R200 (£15) per school pack.

How the money is allocated

 Each year we aim to provide a school pack for every:

  • Grade R child (6-year olds starting primary school)
  • Grade 8 child (13-year olds starting high school)
  • Grade 12 child (17-year olds in their final school year)

What you get in return

The South African school year starts in January. Once the school packs have been allocated you will receive photographic images of the child who receives the pack you sponsored. 

Gift sponsorship

Surprise a friend or family member with a special gift by sponsoring a school pack on their behalf. Contact us for more information.