1-2-1 Nurturing Happy Balanced Lives
1-5 Enable a child enrich a community
1-6 Developing Young Minds
Children need caring 1-7-2
1-9 Change a childs future
1-8 Children are the most powerful resource
1-1 Protecting Our Youth
1-3 Healthy Child Happy Child
1-4 Growing beyond poverty


Vision and mission

We’re a non-profit organisation passionate about supporting children and their families in the farming communities of South Africa.

Vision: A world of opportunities for empowered communities

Mission: The work and mission of The Pebbles Project consists of 5 main pillars: education, health, nutrition, community and protection.

Values: Compassion, Commitment, Courage and Integrity


To ensure that each child, regardless of his/her ability or disability, has the opportunity to reach their full academic potential in order to become a contributing member of society. 


To address the physical health needs of our children and the communities in which they live.


To ensure that our children are well fed and receive balanced nutritious meals in order for them to function at their best. 


To help build clean, well-functioning environments to maximise the stimulation of our children and the sustainability of the communities in which they live. 


To create safe environments in which our children can grow by providing information, skills development and support for them and their families.