1-2-1 Nurturing Happy Balanced Lives
1-5 Enable a child enrich a community
1-6 Developing Young Minds
Children need caring 1-7-2
1-9 Change a childs future
1-8 Children are the most powerful resource
1-1 Protecting Our Youth
1-3 Healthy Child Happy Child
1-4 Growing beyond poverty


Where we work

“Pebbles has given us peace of mind in that we know that our children with special needs are in the best possible hands. Pre-school kids have a fantastic base when entering the schooling system. The after school club supports children throughout their school career and with tertiary education. In addition, Pebbles is looking after the healthcare of our whole community with the Owethu Clinic. Parents are relaxed knowing that their kids are in good hands. The children are a pleasure to be around.”

Simon Grier, Farm owner, Villiera Wine Estate